RPG Power Trading Company Limited (RPTCL) is a strategic business unit of RP-Sanjiv Goenka Group.


RPTCL is holding a Category - II Power trading license by Central Electricity Regulatory Commission on 23rd September 2008, and it started its first Power trading transaction on February 2009. RPTCL was incorporated with the objectives of optimizing the Group’s energy assets and bridging the demand supply gap in India by trading Power from other Power generators/ utilities.


RPTCL has trained and well-experienced manpower to conduct its Power trading operations. The Company’s highly skilled team members are handling all types of trades through bilateral trades and through Power Exchange (IEX). The Company has established excellent relationships with its stakeholders and has dealt with various electricity utilities of States such as Rajasthan, Haryana, Maharashtra, Andhra Pradesh, Tamil Nadu, Kerala, Karnataka etc, and with private discoms of Delhi, Mumbai and Noida.


RPTCL has also been buying and selling surplus Power from various captive Power plants and independent Power producers in different states of country.


RPTCL has access to Technical, Managerial and Financial resources of its parent company, and is uniquely equipped to provide an unmatched range of services, customer care and complete payment security for its customers at the most competitive rates. It has domain expertise in all the segments of Power trading whether it is Marketing, Commercial or Operations, supported ably by Finance, Legal and Administrative functions.


The Service portfolio of RPTCL includes :-




Electricity Act 2003 has distinguished "Power Trading" as a separate licensed activity with the objective of developing Power market in India to maximize resource utilization by promoting healthy competition among Power players. For this reason, Power Trading is referred to as "purchase of electricity for resale thereof". CERC/ SERCs have prescribed stringent “non-discriminatory open access” regulations. CTU/ STUs have also defined detailed open access procedures to promote Power trading operations in the country. The demand supply gap among various utilities during day and month provides opportunities for Power trading. With tightening of grid discipline by CERC regulation, the utilities are persuaded to plan their demand supply gap in advance. This provides Power trading a huge potential for growth.


RPTCL provides solution for sale and purchase of Power from CPPs, IPPs and State Utilities/ Discoms on Intra Day, Day Ahead, Week Ahead and Month Ahead basis. RPTCL facilitates open access through SLDC/ RLDC and communicates with all concerned authorities. Commercial settlement is done through established practices involving weekly provisional bills and monthly bills based on Regional Energy Account (REA) prepared by Regional Power Committees (RPC) and state level authorities.


RPTCL ensures timely payment for every transaction including energy and transmission charges as per the contract terms. The Company’s payment track record shows its sense of commitment for transparency and timely settlement of accounts.




CERC has permitted trading of Electricity through Power Exchange with effect from June 2008. RPTCL is a registered Trading Member of the Power Exchange of India (IEX), which allows it to maximize returns to its esteemed clients who facilitate an automated on-line platform for physical day-ahead contracts. RPTCL has also tied up with a number of industrial consumers for purchase of Power through Power Exchange to meet their requirements during the load shedding periods. Highly skilled experts constitute its operations team and RPTCL’s control centre ensures accurate and reliable Power transactions.


Recently Power Exchanges are catering to the following contracts as approved by CERC:

  • Day-ahead contracts
  • Region wise Day-Ahead Contingency Contract
  • Region wise Intra Day Contracts
  • Region wise Weekly Contracts




RPTCL offers Bid Advisory services for selling of Power on medium/ long term basis under DBFOO basis (Case -1 Route) and/ or bilateral route to various distribution companies/ other bulk Power consumers. We offer services of Bid Preparation, Bidding Strategies, Analysis of Power Sector Dynamics, Market Intelligence, Market Dynamics, Tariff Trends and other vital inputs to facilitate decision-making and for successful bidding. We also give support and consultancy towards successful execution of long/ medium term PPA and associated activities.


RPTCL offers to off-take Power on mid-term and/ or long term based on the specific requirements of Power project while maximizing the returns to the project developer. RPTCL would work closely with Power developers to minimize off-take risks by providing assistance in choosing the right mix of Power sale on short, mid and long term horizons.




RPTCL offers services aimed at leveraging REC mechanism for facilitating Renewable Energy (RE) generators in the following areas:

1.     Accreditation of the project with State Agency

2.     Registration of the project with Central Agency

3.     Issuance of RECs from Central Agency

4.     Trading of RECs on Power Exchanges

5.     Payment to the RE Generator


RPTCL is a member of IEX, which enables the organization to maximize the revenues from REC sales.




Open access allows large users of Power, typically having connected load of 1 MW and above, to buy cheaper Power from the open market. Open Access also helps consumers to procure Power during load restriction period.


RPTCL offers various services to industrial and commercial consumers, based on bilateral basis and through Power exchange. The Company offers solutions as per market conditions from conventional and renewable sources.


Current Openings: 

In case you are interested to build a career with RPTCL, then please send in your resume to rpgpowertrading@rp-sg.in and we will revert at an earliest.


For further information on RPTCL, visit www.rpgpowertrading.co.in



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