Talent has always been important, but it has increasingly become more critical because in today's scenario, many organizations are doing much more complex, knowledge-based work and operating globally. This has created a situation where the performance of talent has a major impact on the bottom line. The difference in many critical jobs between good talent performance and poor talent performance is 100 to 1. That reality is increasingly causing knowledge work-based organizations to focus on talent as a source of competitive advantage.


At CESC Infrastructure Limited, we strive to hire the best talents in the business and enable them to contribute towards the Organizational Objectives and simultanelously broaded their spectrum of expertise. Our focus in talent management has always been to assess the skills the organization needs to implement its strategy and the plan for recruiting and managing that critical talent.


We follow a seamless merit oriented process which is aligned with our mission resulting in the selection of the most suitable talent available for all vacant positions.



Three types of Recruitment is majorly done at CESC Infrastructure Limited.




We hire Enginnering Graduates and MBA Students for technical positions to be placed at our Site locations and Corporate Offices respectively.Most of this hiring is done in the penultimate or final year of studies. We bring in students through campus recruitment initiatives from Premier colleges. Our interview process and trainings offered thereafter are crafted specifically to suit the best.




Apart from campus recruitments, we also employ freshers through the off-campus recruitment programs. In case of special hiring requirements, we initiate special hiring drives 'Off-Campus' for students who have finished their studiesNotifications on such events are usually put up on our website.




"Lateral hiring" is the most widely used form of recruitment, wherein the hiring organization targets employees of another, similar organization with the promise of better career opportunities. The employees for advancement of career prospects look for employment in similar industries and company & subsequently apply for the same.


The Vacancies in our Group Companies are advertized on the Company website and the job seekers can apply by registering themselves on the portal. 






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