CSR has been the focus right from the stage of land acquisition with the objective to enable the company to fulfill its social responsibility, where by tangible and sustainable changes are made to lives of the communities and help improve their quality of living and develop an environment of co-existence.


Our focus area has been in Education, Skill development & Employment, Health, Sanitation & Drinking Water, Promotion of Agricultural / Irrigation Development, Women Empowerment & Alternative Income Generation, Infrastructure and last and not the least Environment Management for better living.





Major initiatives like, innovative education approach “L2R (Learn to Read) and R2L (Read to Learn)”, has enabled 249 students of class-1 to class – 7 and accommodate themselves to the school syllabus comfortably and perform better in the school exams. Around 80% of the children under this innovative education process have reported scoring 60-70% in their respective class exams where their earlier score cards were within the range of 30-40%.





With a target to provide 1000 sanitary toilets in every household covering 9 villages, already 3 villages are reported having 100% toilets constructed and 95% people using them. The Gram Panchayat imposes a fine of Rs.300/- to Rs.1000/- fine for people who defecate outside.




Agriculture project in Chandrapur aims at forming Farmers club of farmers who would be able to access to information and technologies for better yield and income generation through crop diversification. We also aim at improving irrigation facilities through Concrete check dams across streams and mobilizing farmers for various water conservation activities. Agriculture project has currently been able to motivat 100% of the 50 farmers organized into Farmers Clubs and adopt improved practices in Cotton and soyabean cultivation that has helped farmers to yield additional harvest of cotton and soyabeans. While with their traditional method, they were yielding 4-5 quintals of cotton per acre have reported harvesting 7-8 quintals per acre after inputs received from this project. Besides after cotton harvesting their land was lying vacant but with the Concrete check dams, these 50 farmers have started with vegetable farming and an additional income of ₹. 3000 - ₹. 4000 by vegetable sales.




About 100 women members have been trained on Tailoring and Beautician course, 50 women in each category and have started their own business in a micro way and are making income of ₹.2000 to ₹ 3000 per months. Future plan is to link the trained tailors with institutions of fashion designers which would increase their monthly income by many folds.






Special Health Camps accompanied with Health Referral Centers in the Rehab colony and adjacent villages have certainly brought smiles among the people. People are access to health services that have improved the quality of health among the children and women specially. The old can independently reach the doctors and get their prescriptions. Health awareness messages have enabled the mothers to identify the signs and symptoms of common diseases and can take personal health care effectively at home level. This has reported improved school attendance.




More than 17 Women SHGs have been mobilized who have now graduated to take up Micro Enterprising activities through series of capacity building training. For staring small business, the SHGs are linked to IIT, Kharagpur, Dr. Meghanad Shah Technical Institute, Haldia and various skill imparting NGOs. The SHGs have started micro enterprises like Mudhi making, Grinding of Spices, poultry, goatery, etc..  From these small businesses, now women adding about ₹. 2000 to ₹. 3000 per month to the family income.

30 trained tailors have organized to start the business on Bermuda stitching, guided by master tailor. The finished products are sold to traders in Kolkata and the women are able to make ₹. 90- ₹100/- per day.




An innovative project on Fishery “Integrated Aquaculture Intervention for Sustainable Livelihood Promotion” has just been launched and 30 fish farmers have been organized into Fish Farmers Federation. They are being trained to practice collective procurement and marketing which will reduce cost of investment and increase profit margin.




The objective in Haldia is to facilitate enrollment of 100% school going children into the mainstream of education and enable the students to perform better in their respective classes. While we have successfully achieved 0% dropouts, we have miles to go to appropriately build the students capacity and strengthen the parents teachers committee for overall development of school and students. For about 189 students, Education Facilitation centers have been started where students are provided with education support and efforts made for extra-curricular activities in the field of music, dance & art.  




It being a green field project, and we at the stage of land acquisition, CSR activities are focused in the field of "Education promotion" by provisioning of teachers to schools, promoting Sports and culture.

100 households of BPL categories have been supported with Household Poultry with hens to improve their income generation.



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